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I no longer feel alone and I feel held but the people that I have met.

12 March 2024

The Esteem Team in Exmouth have recently completed another Healthy Parent Carers programme.

Here are some of their comments about their experiences:

Clare felt “‘appreciation’ to have been invited to course where I have met some amazing people and been armed with knowledge of how to appreciate me more! Appreciate that I too matter! ”

Jaye says the programme was “Inspiring and life changing.”

Kirsty comments, “I feel this course has been so empowering. I no longer feel alone and I feel held but the people that I have met. ”

Jemma describes HPC as  “A very inspiring course, which has helped me to focus on areas of my life that I have found otherwise challenging such as eating, cooking and exercising.”

Vic has made “Friends for life through shared learning of lived experiences.”

Laura found the course “Empowering… been a privilege to be a part of it and getting to know 10 other carers, the support, the laughs and the bond we have created.”

Sammy found that “The course is really helpful and refreshing as parent carer.”

Dorcas comments, “I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the programme – the content was amazingly helpful and the facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and personable. Meeting other parents with similar experiences created an extremely supportive network which I hope will continue after the end of the programme.”

Katie found it to be “An awesome lifesaver .”

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