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A space designed for us

6 December 2023

Rebecca from Bournemouth reflects on her experiences of attending the Healthy Parent Carers programme:

It was a great course; tbh I did worry that it would be a bit preachy and pointless. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. A big thanks to you and the team for taking the time to consider parent-carers and for designing a space for us to take time to think about ourselves. I didn’t honestly think anyone outside of *what we do* even considered us for a moment. So it’s much appreciated.

The course gave me the opportunity to re-consider how I live my life and manage my time, and has been incredibly helpful. By simply being more mindful of how much I take on, and ensuring that I take enough time for myself, I definitely feel I’ve benefited from the course. I also really enjoyed the sessions, spending time with the other participants. Louise, who ran the course, was brilliant, as was Pearl who assisted her.

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